Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Obama's projects in Athens

When Barack Obama takes office next January and begins doling out funds for his massive public works stimulus program, rest assured that Athens-Clarke County is at the front of the line.

As Blake profiled last week, the 'Ready To Go' report from the U.S. Conference of Mayors details 14 infrastructure projects from the area that can get rolling as soon as funds arrive. Those 14 projects result in 307 potential new jobs in the area, which would be very welcome during these difficult economic times.

The biggest benefit with regard to jobs would come from one of the smaller financed projects through Phase II of the 'Apron Rehabilitation Project' at Ben Epps Airport. The project would generate 75 jobs in the community.

A pair of projects both project creating 40 jobs respectively in the Trail Creek No. 3 and No. 4 Interceptor Sewer Project and renovations to the Public Utilities Customer Service Center, while 30 jobs can be created through a $5.2 million project at the Shoal Creek/Whit Davis Road Sanitary Sewer Pump Station.

Also included are projects designed to widen Mitchell Bridge Road and realignment its intersection with Athens West Parkway. There's also $750,000 targeted to 'increase fix-route (bus) operating and maintenance funding to help stabilize fare increases; and improve reliability, and increase frequency.'

Another interesting project, one that figures to generate 15 new jobs, is one that would extend public water main lines along public roadways that are currently served by public water service.

In all, Athens-Clarke County has $22.35 million in infrastructure projects in the report.


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