Friday, May 25, 2007

Couple of things

- Well, well, well ... Eric Spohn is going to pay for the damages to Brandon Phillips's truck. Now, forgive me if I'm wrong, but this would appear to contradict what Bill Greene said Peach Pundit and here. Greene argued that it was Phillips who was at fault by attempting to run down Spohn, that he had pictures and that the witnesses would back his story. If the witnesses would back his story, and Spohn's statement, why would there be a need to pay for damages?

- The good news from this is Michael Vick wasn't there.

- By the way, I like Rick Lindsey, the owner of Washington Ford, Mercury, Inc. who rented the car to the Whitehead campaign. Why? Because of this quote ... 'Since I'm a damn good Democrat, it won't make a difference about any Republican hitting my truck.'

- The deadline was almost missed, but the University of Georgia and the Local Redevelopment Authority have come to terms, and it appears to be a pretty good deal. It includes provisions for if a new medical college isn't funded, as well as an assurance for paying $7.8 million to the collection of area non-profits.

- Breathing a sigh of relief ...

- Haven't they been doing this already? I just read something about the price gouging bill I saw ... which, by the by, I don't think is a good idea. It's not a terrible one, mind you, but states already have regulations for this kind of thing. And prices that are, say, $3.40 a gallon aren't gouging. If it was around $8 a gallon while everyone else hovered around $3, that is probably some element of gouging. Right now, we're just in a period of high demand and dwindling supply. If you want government to get involved, I'd argue for larger tax deductions for hybrids and incentives to produce more bio-diesel cars for a start.

- I'm not really out to defend Paul Broun's politics or anything, but Christie Hayes's letter is absurd. Broun offered a logical and rational criticism of Whitehead's outrageous positions, as well as saying that Whitehead favored a possible tax increase, not that he had ever voted for one.

- In other 10th Congressional District news, one of the Young Dems from UGA was kind enough to post some of the things James Marlow had been doing after I had said I felt he has sorta vanished. This Saturday, Marlow's going to be in Towns County for a fundraiser beginning around noon. If anyone from any of the campaigns has any event information, I'd be glad to post it.


Blogger Polusplagchnos said...

I thought Greene is saying that Spohn's not pressing charges on Phillips so that Phillips won't get a criminal record. Offering to pay for the damages is, in that case, being charitable in excess.

Someone should ask Spohn, or Greene since he's offering his viewpoint in these discussions, if this kind of amnesty for the youth should be extended to someone who's guilty of a less violent crime than aggravated assault. Such as, I dunno, crossing a nation's border. Charity is as charity does, afterall.

8:39 AM  
Blogger hillary said...

Also, settling out of court does not automatically mean guilt. It usually means a desire to resolve the situation quickly.

9:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As was said on WGAU this morning, the real story is: the guy's first thought, when facing a truck he thought was going to run him over, was to punch the truck. And he damaged the truck to the point that it will have to be repaired.

That's a badass, folks.

10:17 AM  
Blogger Russell said...

Dude, you realize that Rick Lindsey is father of Lauren Lindsey who I took to Prom our Junior year. Yep.


12:04 PM  
Anonymous Matth said...

You can get updated Marlow information (daily) from, hope that helps. If you need anymore info just email matt (at) marlowforgeorgia (dot) com

4:41 PM  
Blogger Polusplagchnos said...

Uh, it doesn't take that much to put a dent in a panel. Still, punching a truck that you think is about to run you over is ... it's own thing. And to do it kungfu style by punching with something small in your hand without breaking that thing ... that's mythical.

Russ, all we need now is to somehow connect L'il Bullet to this whole affair and then the world will end.

7:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI: Brandon Phillips was Cowserts aide in Atl this past session.

12:52 PM  

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