Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Faulty thinking

I see where Erick was going with this over at Peach Pundit - that the more considerate thing to do would have been to ask the neighbors to quit watering first - but it's also important to consider that we are, you know, in a severe drought and watering past the alloted times are a violation of state law.

But what's more puzzling to me is this notion that we employ a 'market solution' to this problem since that's what Republicans and other conservatives love to discuss doing whenever we have a pressing issue to tackle. In his defense, he says he uses recycled bath water to water his plants (which is a great idea and would save me from getting up early on my days to water), but also acknowledges that he'd pay more to water.

How does that work exactly? Due to our drought, water is being a scarce resource. Water is something that is also a communual entity that we all have to share. Why, exactly, is it 'fair' or 'appropriate' to permit those who have more disposable money to water more than others? How is that actually conserving water?

If anything, such an attitude is selfish, greedy and contrary to what he called for originally ... which was be considerate to your neighbors.


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