Thursday, June 21, 2007

Behind the numbers

After posting my 'Holley Hypothesis', I took a look at some numbers and it's safe to say the speculation can cease there.

The larger problem for James Marlow - aside from Denise Freeman snagging 400-plus votes in Athens-Clarke County and Paul Broun running much stronger than folks anticipated - was that Democratic voters didn't make it to the polls in the Augusta area.

During last year's general election between Charlie Norwood and Terry Holley, the former captured Augusta-Richmond County by a 12,608-to-7,212 count and Columbia County by a 24,689-to-6,643 tally. Republicans in the CSRA were more than willing to head back to the polls and cast their ballots overwhelmingly for another hometown boy done good in Jim Whitehead.

In Augusta-Richmond County, 4,689 voters cast ballots for Republican candidates (37 percent of those who voted in the general election), while only 1,444 voters turned out to support the Democratic ones (just 20 percent returning to the polls).

In Columbia County it was ever more astonishing as 47 percent of Republicans returned (11,396 voters) compared to just 28 percent for Democrats (1,903 voters). The GOTV effort of the Augusta area Republicans trumped that of the Athens-Clarke County Democrats who sent 4,511 voters to the polls (33 percent of the 13,486 who backed Holley last year).

McDuffie County, Holley's home base, reported strong numbers for return voters with 41 percent of Democrats returning, though that was still bested by 45 percent of repeat Republican voters.


Anonymous Louie2b Chuck said...

Or maybe it was the haughty, presumptive attitude of the Democrats, simply *assuming* that becuase they are Democrats and are so much better than everyone else, that their candidate would of course make it into the runoff.

1:44 AM  

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