Friday, July 20, 2007

Keep it in the bag

Ugh ... a new alcohol ordinance is in the works, and according to the article there are couple of revisions which I'm not a fan of in there. While I'm glad the commission has worked through some of these and is taking this is an appropriate manner, I do think, for instance, banning 'brown-bagging' is not a terribly good idea.

To be honest, I don't entirely understand the rationale behind that one. It isn't as if a ban on that practice will suddenly mean folks will not purchase 12-pack of Natural Light ... it just means they won't do it at a restaurant. Any problems involving alcohol don't come from establishments which permit brown-bagging either as they typically shut down considerably earlier than the downtown bars and feature competent staffs which don't accept any rowdy behavior. I've frequented two establisments which permit brown-bagging and never had an unpleasant experience at them or seen an individual get 'out-of-hand.'

Now, I'm not particularly a fan of banning the practice of letting bars cut drink prices after a certain time - though I honestly don't think that's the case, but then again I don't actually go to your typical college bars anymore - because I don't fancy the notion of price-fixing which, quite frankly, this loosely is. Still, I'd be more content in letting this one pass than the ban on brown-bagging.

The stuff involving the bar doormen I'm OK with, but I still think this is largely a matter of enforcing what we already have on the books and not being afraid to punish those who break the rules, severely if necessary, and that includes business and patron.


Blogger Polusplagchnos said...

Who certifies doormen, and who gives them training?

It seems to a me profession that is largely developed through experience and older hands showing the ropes, where classroom training will be just worthless CYA BS.

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