Thursday, July 19, 2007

Couple of things

- Paul Broun really is going to Congress as only a few provisional ballots remain outstanding, meaning a few outlets (i.e. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution) bit on Jim Whitehead's fanciful rumor that 1,700 magical ballots existed in Columbia County to rescue his failed bid from the jaws of crushing defeat.

- Nicki's got her wrapup of the 10th Congressional District up. Good stuff, and I know that Broun is apparently a heckuva nice guy. Most folks I know who know him in local circles actually rave about the man, and I hope he operates in good spirit as our representative. However, my primary concern is that he is philosophically more conservative than the overwhelming majority of Athens-Clarke County's citizens (and I would actually say most folks in the district). Plus he's going to have to mend a lot of fences with Republicans in the Augusta area in hopes of fending off a primary challenge next year, meaning it's going to be very difficult for him to please two groups with differing ideological views. I hope he's able to do so.

- Hey guys, don't spend that $12 all in one place.

- This is an interesting editorial that focuses on the announcement of Brenau University to consider opening its own private medical school. I'm not terribly concerned primarily because the Athens-Clarke County-centered medical school, when it finally gets here, will have considerably more name recognition, greater resources and a much-needed connection to the existing Medical College of Georgia in Augusta. Sure, there are going to be politics tossed around, and I imagine that Augusta will ultimately get something tossed their way to soothe their fears.

- Andre has some poll stats which focus on how the Democratic presidential candidates fair in different demographic groups, and it reveals that Hillary Clinton holds a lead - ranging from 10 to 12 points - over Barack Obama in most age categories, except 18 to 29, where the latter holds a massive lead. Also it reveals that most Georgia Republicans have a high impression of Obama, which makes Andre argue that Obama should work win over older Democrats to secure the nomination. I don't necessarily disagree, but I'd also like to point out that the fact that his favorables are so high with independents and conservatives is more reason to give him the nomination as Clinton will have a much more difficult time in peeling off any independent or moderate voters.

- Well, again, the editorial note explains it all. That and the fact that we weren't there when Caleb King was stopped. Frankly speaking, I'm just glad it was traffic-related so he's got the chance to stay in the mix at running back this year.

- Peach Pundit has exceeded its bandwidth which has hindered my typical morning reading.


Anonymous StopALLtheBS said...

Hey guys, don't spend that $12 all in one place.

As a freeholder in Oconee County whose assessed value went up nearly 90%, I'm laughing on the inside at this little joke.

Sure it will save the owner of a $150,000.00 house $11.60 except that last year that was a $135,000.00 house (and there are actually very few of those).

10:27 AM  
Anonymous StoptheBS said...

- Well, again, the editorial note explains it all. That and the fact that we weren't there when Caleb King was stopped.

Even with the suspended license, it's highly irregular to take someone to the county jail for these type traffic offenses. Unless of course one "cops" an attitude.

What is going to be interesting about the driving on suspended license charge is that a "moped" may well have not required a license, it being entirely possible that such subtly in the law being beyond the ken of the UGA kiddie cops.

What is even more interesting than that is whatever got his license suspended would be a much more serious charge, and we haven't heard a word about that. Someone has done a nice job of keeping that from popping up.

11:37 AM  
Blogger Polusplagchnos said...

stopthebs, where are you getting that arresting and jailing someone for driving on a suspended license is "highly irregular?" As of 4:00 PM on 07/19/07, I count two people in the past 24 hours who were booked into the Clarke County Jail for suspended license. To be sure, one was also DUI, but it's a fairly common charge that shows up in this area. If you know personally of instances where local law enforcement stopped someone driving on a suspended license but let that person drive that vehicle away, I'd be interested to hear about it, although certainly no need to name names or even departments.

Just so I'm reading you right, are you saying it's highly irregular to jail someone for driving on a suspended license, period, or for driving on a suspended license and going the wrong way in a one way? What, exactly, is the highly irregular part? "For these type traffic offenses" suggests, to me, that driving on a suspended license is, for you, not a serious traffic offense that warrants jailing. Certainly there is room for discretion in many things, but do you consider it to be very routine, as opposed to the high irregularity of jailing on the charge, to not jail someone for driving on suspended license?

As for "may well have not required a license," I suggest that, by the definition of a moped offered in 40-1-1 and the language of 40-6-351, an individual who operates a moped is required to have some valid driver's license, not necessarily a Class M. However, I note that the Red&Black reported that DDS says you don't need a license. Looking at their website, the language of the site also supports my reading of 40-6-351, where the first rule of moped operation is to have "in their possession" a valid driver's license. I think R&B is just doing some bad reporting on that part.

All of that assumes, of course, that King was, in fact, driving a moped so defined. If the vehicle had an engine size at or greater than 50cc, then certainly King will need a Class M, as well as need to register it, insure the vehicle, and obey all the rules associated with driving a motorcycle.

I very well could be wrong about how the law reads, and I invite anyone with some passing interest in law to take a look.

Certainly, in the great and cosmic scheme of things, driving a scooter while your license is suspended is not going to unravel society. That doesn't mean anyone guilty of it should automatically get a pass, and particularly when such a person is, apparently, a prized football recruit at the premier SEC university.

5:39 PM  
Anonymous crewzin777 said...

In ACC it is actually highly regular that individuals who are caught driving while their license is suspended are taken to jail. That's true whether it's ACCPD or UGAPD. I'd say 99% of those charged with that offense go to jail and have to post a bond.

And it is not always the case that a serious charge is required to suspend one's license. For individuals under 21 it takes very little to get a license suspension.

In fact just neglecting to pay one's traffic tickets (however minor) can lead to a suspension of one's license.

7:30 PM  

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