Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Broun's the man

UPDATE (10:31 p.m.): I wonder since we elected another Athens-Clarke County resident to Congress if the Republican leadership will try to redistrict us again?

UPDATE (10:14 p.m.): Blake disputes the absentee totals at Peach Pundit, which would mean Broun's got this locked down. And Erick over there did already declare Broun the winner.

Jim Whitehead hasn't conceded yet, and there are 1,700 absentees out in Columbia County and 900 up here in Athens-Clarke County.

But Paul Broun, local boy done good, is on the verge of a huge upset if the numbers hold. The first was edging out James Marlow to secure a spot in the runoff against Whitehead, and the second - and what would be even more impressive - would be knocking off the Republican Party's establishment candidate.

Wow. I mean, really ... wow.

Regardless of how this pans out, you've got to tip your hat to Broun for effectively mobilizing Democrats in Athens-Clarke County who were rightfully upset with Whitehead, but you've also got to be staggered by the real reason he's run so strongly ... which is how he kicked up turnout and support in the rural areas.

After garnering 1,594 votes in Oconee County for the June 19 election, Broun picked up an incredible 2,683 in the runoff. In fact, if you look at his areas of decisive wins, he gained large numbers of votes (an additional 400 in Jackson County and an additional 600 in Madison County). Those numbers will be the difference as the Athens-Clarke County Democrats wouldn't have been likely to back Whitehead anyway, but Broun's ability to get those additional voters to the poll in the rural counties is nothing short of incredible.

Seriously. They should study his campaign - minus his gaffes, of course - and figure out what he did to get those folks to the polls because it's amazing.


Blogger Mike-El said...

Is this the biggest election-result deficit to be overcome in a runoff here in Georgia? It's gotta be, right? Broun won it just as much as Whitehead lost it...but, make no mistake, this is a tank job of epic proportions by Whitehead. 5,122 to 601 in A-CC. Just mind-boggling.

10:53 PM  
Anonymous rmabry said...

WOW!!! Somebody is feeling really great tonight... and somebody is feeling really bad right now.

2:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its pretty astonishing and quite a feather in Broun's cap, even if i didnt have a dog (unlike Mike Vick) in this hunt.

6:54 AM  

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