Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Couple of things

- I'm all for giving relief to the taxpayers where appropriate, but I agree with this editorial for a variety of reasons, the primary one being for what it outlines ... that the state is woefully behind in fully funding several areas of pressing concern. Tossing a handful of folks an extra $145 doesn't seem to be wise stewardship of our public funds.

- Today, by the way, is the runoff election for the 10th Congressional District. Typically I encourage everyone to get out and vote, and I'm not necessarily not doing that here, but it's hard to encourage folks to go choose between someone who doesn't particuarly like the community I live in and then someone who lives here, but I share no common political views with. Still, go vote if you so feel compelled (or if you're a Republican).

- Over at Peach Pundit, Jeff Emanuel did a nice wrap-up of not-so subtle implosion of Paul Broun's campaign in the final days.

- Oh, and Hillary has excerpts from a Broun campaign letter which is, well, good I suppose?

- Don't forget Poland.

- According to Flack, Wyc Orr won't challenge Saxby Chambliss in 2008. Orr seemed like a quality candidate ... arguably stronger than either Vernon Jones or Dale Cardwell or that other guy whose name escapes me right now.

- Of course, R. Thomas Trimble's letter is entirely comical to read, but can I quickly point out that columns, which are opinion pieces, typically do tend to be biased no matter what? I mean, he concedes talk radio is conservative, so why is it 'OK' for that to be biased, but wrong for the occasional print media column to be liberal?

- Speaking of letters, Hank Raichle is on the IHN of Athens board with me (and he makes a good point).

- Speakign of folks I know, this has been linked a couple of times in the blogosphere, but fellow Athens Banner-Herald alum Kate Carter penned a piece on diversity in the public schools.


Anonymous Chuck said...

Regarding Hillary's little nonsense spiel - there's nothing wrong with saying "hell." There's something wrong with GOING there - unless you happen to be Heidi Davison, in which case, you go right ahead - but there's certainly nothing wrong with SAYING it. Hell is both a philosophical and theological concept and the basis of much scholarship.

Anyway I'm voting for Whitehead today. Ordinarily I like the 'underdog' candidate, but I do like the fact that Whitehead is unafraid to express his disdain for the liberal hippie crackpots (LHC's) who live in Athens. (He does not disdain Athens itself, just the LHC's who run things around here.)

I didn't think there was anyone who had more contempt for the LHC's than I do. I'm pleased to see that there is.

11:21 AM  
Blogger Polusplagchnos said...

Wasn't it Trent Lott that said that "talk radio is running America," and therefore something needs to be done to "deal with that problem?"

And it's never too anachronistic to find in our contemporary age an admirer of the abominable fancy.

1:02 PM  
Blogger Jmac said...

Chuck, I don't think Hillary would disagree with you, and your problem would appear to be with Paul Broun. She was merely pointing out the fact that he said he avoided using the word 'hell' in all sorts of things, but then references it quite frequently in his campaign literature.

But, sure, you're voting the GOP establishment candidate. I wouldn't expect anything less.

1:35 PM  

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