Thursday, July 12, 2007

That's dead on

Felton Hudson, a former Greene County school board member and one of the most vocal critics of the proposed Lake Oconee Academy, put together perhaps one of the best criticisms of the school yet ...

"We're not opposed to the school, but we are opposed to the attendance zones outlined in the petition," Johnson said. "It's de facto segregation at its best."

If Reynolds Plantation believes the school is necessary to sell more homes in its developments south of I-20, Hudson said, its primary purpose isn't to educate students, but to sell real estate.

"We believe this is an opportunity not to further education of children, but to further economic advancement of the petitioner," Hudson said.

The school would overwhelmingly and disproportionately serve residents of Reynolds Plantation rather than work to improve the school situation for the low-income students of Greene County.

The petitioner calling for LOA? The man representing them at the meetings?

Rabun Neal ... the president of Reynolds Plantation, which is planning on building 1,500 new homes if the charter school is approved.


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Reynolds Plantation's name says it all.

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