Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Movie watching

Russ and I went and saw Transformers last night, and I'll respectfully disagree with Josh and say that it was pretty cool in a 'wow, those are CGI versions of the toys I played with as a child/there's a lot of cool explosions/man that girl who ends up with Shia Labouf's character is pretty darn cute' kinda way.

It did deviate a lot from what I remember of Transformer mythology, but I also liked the new backstory given to it. A good film I'd say.

But, as with any movie, you often stumble across a trailer or two that gets you pretty excited and this one featured two of those. The first one is I Am Legend, which is classic vampire story, and the other is the mysterious J.J. Abrams project that is apparently entitled Cloverfield.


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