Friday, July 06, 2007

On David Lynn

Let me just quick pointly out that it is rather unfortunate that so many folks expressed such strong discontent about curbing public input at Athens-Clarke County Commission meetings, and by that I mean it's unfortunate that David Lynn faced such harsh criticism.

I was no fan of the proposal, but that doesn't mean I don't disagree with Lynn's belief that the meetings can run too long or that it isn't terribly fair for folks to have to sit around for several hours before being able to speak before the commission. I merely disagreed with his specific proposal, preferring instead to find other ways to shorten length (stricter speaking limits on commissioners, preventing removing items from the consent agenda, shifting all public comment to the beginning of the meetings, etc.).

Still, any implication that Lynn was attempting to stifle free speech is ridiculous, and that needs to be clearly stated. He's a darn good commissioner who was working to find a way to get the job efficiently.


Anonymous Chuck said...

I, of course, cannot say enough bad things about David Lynn. I see no redeeming quality about him whatsoever.

Of course he tries to stifle public comment, particularly when that public comment disagrees with him. He is the one who marshals a majority of the Commission behind closed doors out of the public sight, to pass moratoria that no one has a meaningful opportunity to comment on.

And then when someone DOES comment on it, he furiously screams at them from his seat, for having the audacity to express a differing opinion.

This is ALL consistent with the conclusion that one of Davey's top goals as a Commissioner is to stifle public comment - probably to shut it off altogether - so he and the Empress can rule unchallenged.

5:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you're going for the prize really early this year, eh chuck?


7:46 AM  

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