Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Some 10th District linkage

Jeff Emanuel and commenter Kepper got a pretty good little discussion started at Peach Pundit regarding the Georgia Sport Shooting Association's endorsement of Paul Broun. Lots of interesting comments brought up, and Bill Greene even stopped by to offer his two cents and weigh in GSSA's endorsement process and the topic at hand.

Worth a read, particularly with the runoff less than a week away.


Blogger Mike-El said...

Who would've thought that our little ol' district race would become the Peach Pundit's Vietnam?

7:22 PM  
Anonymous StopALLtheBS said...

I'll offer a little insight on this dust up, since I know something about it.

The Georgia Sports Shooting Foundation is the state level affiliate of the NRA. Paul Broun has been a long time supporter and officer in this organization. It's not a political organization but is involved mostly with sanctioning different types of competitions supported by the NRA. Broun has been active in this organization just as anyone else would be in a civic type group, and you would expect it to support him, no big surprise there.

Whitehead had no known involvement with the NRA or any affiliated group. He has no known affiliation with any conservation group. Well after the campaign started he claimed to be a life member of the NRA, but has received a pass from the press on exactly when he acquired that life membership. Likewise his much ballyhooed ownership of 3 shotguns. No one has troubled themselves to ask him the last time he shot one.

Anyway as noted on Peach Pundit, what has troubled some hard core NRA members (which does not include yours truly) is that Broun has been a good soldier for the NRA, engaged for a long period of time in grassroots efforts on its behalf. By all rights, Broun should receive the NRA endorsement. If the NRA doesn't want to endorse a loser, then it should just sit out. More than one of the NRA hard core is jacked about this situation, and for them the Whitehead endorsement will backfire.

Forgetting the personalities, it certainly gives the NRA a black eye for endorsing someone not supported by its local affiliate, which affiliate one would assume has its hands more on the pulse of the involved parties. It is definitely one of those "inside the Beltway" moves.

12:46 PM  

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