Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Couple of things

- This is some good work by Ben Price at the Athens Banner-Herald because it points out how foolish so many of the Adequate Yearly Progress standards are. The fact that Clarke Central made all of its academic and attendence goals and improved its graduation rate, but then 'failed' because someone almost a thousand miles away changed the goal at the last second is absurd.

- The secret is kinda out as we learn Belgian vaccine company Solvay may be headed to the Orkin tract which, as I've noted before, is a positive step toward building up a new economy in the community.

- Who knows what's going to happen with the vote on the Greene County charter school today. Sadly, I fear they'll let it pass rather than tell the wealthier folks in that community that they, you know, ought to build their own private school. Regardless of the outcome, I think it's about time some folks got mobilized to help bring some much-needed change, empowerment and opportunity to the low-income citizens of Greene County. I'll tout Price again by recommending his earlier story on the situation down there.

- The wrap-up of the first workshop for the update of the Athens-Clarke County Planning Department's 10-year plan is pretty interesting, and can be found at the bottom of City Pages. I was glad to see a large number of folks opposed to a continual process of widening streets since that impacts private property owners and has the potential to create more dangerous driving situations, though I'm not sure if I like Victor Dover's suggestion to include more on-street parking. I don't necessarily think that's a feasible solution to any sort of parking problem and, though I may speak heresy to some here, I think the construction of either garages or lots would prove to be more effective in the long-term. Still, the next meeting is this Saturday beginning at 9 a.m. at the University of Georgia's Broad Street Studios.


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