Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What will Broun do for you?

So Paul Broun's going to Congress, and what does this mean ...

- It means that Jim Whitehead made this a divisive race that pitted Augusta against Athens, and not only did that backfire with area Democrats turning out to give Broun more than 5,000 votes in Athens-Clarke County, but it also energized the conservative rural counties as well. When you openly admit you're going to benefit one community over another, the other community gets upset ... as do its neighbors. Did Whitehead really think that such negativity wouldn't hurt him in the surrounding counties? Did he not realize that places like Madison County and Oconee County rely heavily on Athens-Clarke County, and the promise of having someone who would go out of his way to harm a community for the benefit of another wasn't something those voters sympathized with?

- It means old-fashioned, neighborhood politics where the candidate knocks on your door and pats you on the back and asks to stick a sign in your yard is not only still alive and well, but also the most effective way of campaigning. Whitehead did, well, whatever his handlers told him would be best, while Broun knocked on doors and called my house three times yesterday (and a total of five to six times since last Friday).

- It means a lot of conservatives and independents weren't quite ready to embrace a Democrat, but were ready to voice their displeasure with the Republican establishment.

- It means Oconee County, by turning out 2,600-plus voters for Broun, is slowly becoming a political player in this state.

- It means Athens-Clarke County has a native son in Congress (again, though we hope this one won't be drawn out of our district), but it also means it's one who shares almost nothing in common with the majority's political vision. While we're all happy that Whitehead lost, Broun did win ... and that means conservative positions on Iraq, health care, the environment, the economy, etc.

- So ... it means that Broun will probably not win his home county during next year's re-election bid.

- It means that though Broun may not see eye-to-eye with us on most issues of the day, Athens-Clarke County does have someone in place who will help secure additional dollars for this community's growth.

- It means that even though they declared Broun's candidacy dead just two days ago, Peach Pundit is all too eager to jump all over Whitehead.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

isn't Broun's home county Oconee?

9:55 AM  
Blogger Jmac said...

Very true. He's a native son of Athens-Clarke County, but currently lives in Oconee County.

11:12 AM  

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