Sunday, July 22, 2007

Seriously ...

While this may appear a tad crass, can we stop all this talk about 'choking' by a guy who's actually won three majors and instead shift it to the guy who tanks in the majors and only shows up for The Ryder Cup?

Am I the only one not surprised that Sergio Garcia blew a three-shot lead heading into the final round of the British Open, including a one-shot lead at the 72nd hole?


Blogger Mike-El said...

You're not the only one who saw this coming. Check the Saturday night entry on my blog (ignore the Steve Stricker prediction, though). We shouldn't feel too bad for Sergio...I'm sure he's got some more incredibly smug Michelob commercials on the docket.

It was yet another validation of the Digger Phelps overtime theory (one guy/team is delighted to be going to OT, the other one is on the happy one). Good on Harrington, who I've always liked. A heckuva playoff after Van de Velde-ing #18 in regulation.

Speaking of whom, I'm so impressed with how well VdV comes off talking about *that day*. Especially with idiotic interviewers trying to goad him into losing his composure.

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