Monday, April 28, 2008

He can make a funny!

Who knew that John McCain had a sense of a humor? I mean, that's what it's got to be when someone who favors maintaining the tax breaks for oil companies and the top one percent of income earners equates Barack Obama's opposition to a temporary removal of the gasoline tax to being insensitive to poor people.

Yep, the guy who spent his years out of college working as a community organizer in impoverished communities is out-of-step with poor people. I needed a good laugh in the morning, and I appreciate McCain providing me with one.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like Barack Obama's ideas. Let's tax oil companies some more. I mean, they'd never, ever think of passing that tax along to the consumers, would they?

And by all means, let's throw some more taxes at the top 1 percent, you know, the folks who pay most of the taxes now. It's not like they're the ones who do most of the hiring in this country. It's not like they'll cut back on that to pay their tax bills.

Seriously, I'm happy to have He Whose Middle Name Shall Not Be Spoken spend the summer telling the American people why they shouldn't get a tax break at the pump.

That should go over real well with those bitter folks who cling to God and guns.


10:42 AM  
Blogger Xon said...

Yeah, surprise surprise but I just see this as the pot and the kettle and the insult over who's black and all that (no pun intended about Obama's ethnicity). McCain is an opportunistic politician who uses shallow rhetoric to play to the cheap seats? Um, yes. But if you think Obama isn't doing the same thing on this "tax windfall profits" thing (so we want less profits? Profits are bad?) then you've been conned by hope. (Sorry, couldn't resist).

It's all just a banal game of rhetorical oneupmanship. On both sides. Even your defense of Obama is unsubstantive in the final analysis. Obama has done great things for poor people. That is wonderful, we thank him for his service. But on this issue of the gas tax he is wrong, and his wrongness stands to hurt poor people. His past benevolence doesn't turn an unwise policy into a wise one in this particular case.

(And it's the same with McCain and military service. Okay, he served in the military, and okay, he really went through Hell. But why does the rest of the country have to suffer for the forseeable future under his hairbrained leadership simply b/c of those past experiences? If he's right, he's right. And if he's wrong, he's wrong. It has nothing to do with having served earlier in the military. That's all just feed the beast appease the mob democratic crap.)

McCain shouldn't act like Obama is DELIBERATELY setting out to hurt poor people, but again this sort of imputation of motives is just par for the course.

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