Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rumble at the UGA corral

Blake and Grift offer their takes on last night's debate featuring the Democratic candidates for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Saxby Chambliss. Both Vernon Jones and Jim Martin opted not to show up, which of course left them open to ample criticism from the trio that did attend (Rand Knight, Josh Lanier and Dale Cardwell).

Cardwell appears to be, well, a bit out there as he repeatedly accused Jones of being paid by Republicans to run. I don't know about that, but Jones's repeated support of Republican candidates troubles me (then again, Cardwell's repeated embrace of some Republican policies troubles me as well).

Judging by the write-ups, it looks like Lanier had a solid night, which makes me happy. And, gosh, though I know this will draw scorn from many ... Knight impresses me more and more. I do think he still trots out a weird faux Southern-accent, but his positions and policy proposals make sense to me.


Blogger paveplanet said...


Give it up in this race. There is no way any democratic will win a statewide election in today's environment within GA. And I say that as a proud democrat and will likely support whoever gets in the general election. In my opinion, this state is so out of step with the rest of the country - too many people have drunk the kool-aid served up by Perdue and Richardson (different flavors, but still as deadly).

9:36 AM  
Blogger griftdrift said...

Thanks for the link JMac. I was hoping I might see you there.

I will say of all the times I've seen Knight this was his most impressive. Perhaps it was the friendly turf. But he was actually able to pivot his enviro-geek into what sounded like true passion. I have a feeling that played well to the mostly student audience.

And you can definitely tell these three have developed a sense of comraderie in being not the chosen ones.

2:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Watching that "debate" must've been like watching the Hawks battle the Nets and Pacers for that last playoff spot.


3:04 PM  

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