Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I haven't watched an entire quarter of an NBA game in roughly five years, opting to instead catch bits and pieces here and there, but the final quarter of Atlanta's 97-92 win over top-seeded Boston garnered my undivided attention.

And I have to admit ... I was more than entertained, and nervous toward the end. Despite evening the series at 2-2, it's still a longshot for the Hawks to pull off the upset in the opening round. Still, it's been fun to follow the past few nights and good to see the city embrace this team they had left for dead just a year or so earlier.


Blogger Brian said...

Jmac: I'm with you. Hadn't watched much Hawks all year, but when these guys play hard, they are entertaining. The problem is during the regular season they would mail it in about half the time. Not happening here.....

9:42 AM  

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