Sunday, May 11, 2008

The real solution

It seems to me that the only feasible way to not raise the millage rate would be by offsetting the projected $1.7 million shortfall by cutting back on the scale of raises and benefit adjustments for public employees. Yeah, it sucks, but that seems to be the only logical approach in this situation if you want to stick to maintaining the current millage rate.

Since it's a $4 million increase allotted for raises and benefits, scale it back to $2.3 million and adjust everything proportionally. Then, as the economy picks up again (hopefully sooner rather than later), you work to get the increases back on their usual path.

Again, it ain't perfect by any means, but trimming back on glossy mailers or scrapping a much-needed probation program only saves pennies.

It's either this or just accept that you'll pay a little more in property taxes.


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