Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Re-vote on CDBG funding

Well ... that was painful, drawn-out and mind-numbing, but Alice Kinman's proposal to restore $50,000 in funding to the East Athens Development Corporation and the Hancock Corridor Development Corporation - $25,000 each - passed with Mayor Heidi Davison passing the tie-breaking vote.

A substitute motion made by Harry Sims which would have restored half of the funding to both organizations with a review being condcuted at the mid-point of the year failed by a 6-4 vote. Carl Jordan voted no on both motions, favoring Elton Dodson's proposal to restore funding in lieu of a massive reorganization of each agency, their infrastructure and their mission.

Why Dodson's proposal was not put forward, I'm not entirely sure since it would have reached the 5-5 threshold, though Davison probably would have voted against it.

More commentary coming tomorrow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watched it, too. I think Carl either didn't want to give them any funding at all or he wanted to re-visit which parks would get money.

He did make some comments referring to Dodson's "idea" - since it was never a real proposal or a motion as though he might be leaning towards that but nothing he had said earlier made it seem like he wanted to give them any money at all. I suppose nobody can ever be sure what he would have favored.

I'm very happy they didn't go with the incredible vague review/contigency funding thing - what a nightmare that would have been!

David Lynn had it right - it would have just been a re-run of all the same stuff in 6-months and folks who need the assistance from the funds would still be waiting for help.


1:13 AM  
Anonymous Cathi said...

Appreciate you night owls keeping us up-to-date!
Thanks JMAC.

6:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I clearly heard Andy Herod say into an open mike after the final vote "I have got to stop drinking..."
It is barely audible on the tape.

2:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

he probably said "I gotta start drinking" after all of that

3:39 PM  

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