Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Tales from the Grand Jury

So here is what I was doing the first 13 Wednesdays of the year, and, yes, I do back that report saying we need a new jail (particularly, well, since I wrote most of it).

The Grand Jury experience was very eye-opening in a variety of ways. Some were obviously negative as, on a weekly basis, we heard stories of domestic violence, robbery, financial extortion and the like. But there were many positives, including the chance to get to know some of the dedicated men and women who make up our area's law enforcement agencies.

Here is the report, though the funny thing is that I wasn't able to actually sign the presentment because I had to miss the final week of service, which is kinda frustrating particularly since I had served as the foreman for the final five weeks in the absence of the elected foreman.


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