Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Savannah politics

Flack has a good take on Regina Thomas's challenge to John Barrow in the 12th Congressional District, so it's definitely worth a read. I don't really have much of a take on it. I mean, Barrow has frustrated me on a lot of votes, but, at the same time, he's a rather safe Democrat in a tough district.

Thomas has frustrated me on a good number of votes in the Georgia General Assembly and is a less viable candidate in the general election. Seeing how the GOP really dropped the ball on finding a good challenger this go-round, I'd hate to see Thomas bump Barrow out and then get hammered in the general election.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thomas is going to win the primary. You remember how well the black females with no money did last time around in the 10th CD special election? With 45% BVAP there is no way Barrow's money buys him the primary. And Thomas will raise some money too.

As for me, I really don't care if Democrats hold this seat. Barrow deserves to lose for his pandering on the War in Iraq. And Democrats really don't need his vote in the House. They already have a large House majority, and are certain to expand that majority in 2008 regardless of what happens in GA-12.

Moreover, if descriptive representation matters, and I think it does, GA-12 is a district that should be represented by a black Democrat.

Finally, if you're going to make a strong claim that Barrow is a "safe Democrat" and that Thomas will "get hammered" you should probably back it up with something more than ... nothing. I agree that Barrow would have an easier time getting elected than Thomas, but I don't think it's clear that Thomas will lose.

Thomas will certainly be helped by an Obama nomination, and candidates like Thomas will certainly help up ticket Democrats. Surely that should count for something.


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