Thursday, June 26, 2008

Airport rankings

I got this email sent to me by Kevin Mitchell concerning a ranking of regional airports in jeopary of losing service. I haven't followed much of the airport discussion to be honest, and I'm not familiar with this effort, but since it had a unique local angle I figured I'd stick it here ...

I'm writing to you as the Chairman of the Business Travel Coalition, and this morning we released a report detailing the top 100 regional and top 50 large airports that will lose service because of increasing fuel costs. Many of these airports may lose service all together.

Augusta & Savannah are on the list.

You can view the rankings and have your community take action at

Skyrocketing fuel prices have created a serious threat to the viability of the U.S. airline industry - and that threat has serious implications for cities of all sizes that rely on air travel for their own economic well-being, as well as local companies that need air service to do business. Studies indicate that at current fuel prices, one or more major airlines could be liquidated later this year, wiping out all their service to hundreds of cities overnight.

Congress and the Administration must take action to address the fuel crisis in the near term, including, eliminating manipulation of commodities markets; strengthening the U.S. dollar against foreign currencies; and incentivizing producers to increase energy supplies, refining capacity and develop new environmentally responsible aviation fuels. Stabilizing the airline industry by tackling the country's fuel crisis must become a national policy priority.


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