Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Feeling Rand-y

Via Tondee's Tavern, Rand Knight is endorsed by the Georgia Association of Educators which is the second big union endorsement he's landed that 'should have' gone to Jim Martin. Knight's emerged as a top tier candidate in the Democratic primary based largely on his hard work in wooing these organizations, and it sheds more concern - for me at least - with regard to Martin.

And I spoke with a handful of Martin folks last night who were not thrilled about the endorsement and blamed the Democratic Party of Georgia for not having control over their surrogates (as if the AFL-CIO and GAE were on the payroll or something). Naturally, I think that's a misguided stance to take and the main reason Knight picked up that support is because - jokes about his accent aside - he worked his tail off and won them over fair and square. Martin apparently campaigned in a lackluster manner that assumed they'd get behind him, and it hurt him.


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