Sunday, June 22, 2008

The big picture

The criticism of the Clarke County Board of Education rolls on ...

Today's editorial takes them to task for, naturally, holding the special-called meeting behind closed doors, Jason Winders calls out some board members and J.T. puts forward the notion of a bloc of candidates running on a unifying reform platform.

The latter is a particularly appealing idea, though, to be honest, we're probably all talking about this for nothing. When push comes to shove, as much as it disappoints me, I just don't see a rush of people moving to challenge to the sitting board members. Most folks are complacent and too content to adhere to the status quo, meaning the Chester Sosebees and Vernon Paynes of the world will remain in control, despite the fact they have no children in the school system and are oblivious to the dire situation we face.

I agree with Winders in phrasing that this is a defining moment ...

No sane superintendent will touch us. Accreditation questions, already a gathering storm, will intensify. Quality teachers, staff and students will continue to bleed out of the district. Economic development will sink further. Taxes will remain high as property values stagnate.

Yes, it's amazing what a well-run school district can do for a community.

Understand, the fate of this community hinges on the sober, reasoned actions of this beleaguered body on Monday night. God help us all.

To be honest, I'm not certain a productive evening bails us out of this mess, but I do know the consequences of continuing down our present self-destructive path.

This board, torn by incompetence, racial strife and an ever-expanding fissure opened by one of their own, must become a relevant force. It's time to set aside the petty turf wars and personal interests. Put the students, teachers and staff first.

I hope it happens and that beyond a constructive meeting on Monday, we see a rush of eager and enthusiastic candidates for BOE this year. I'm hopeful, yet I'm also not terribly optimistic.


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Simms has apparently withdrawn resignation

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