Monday, June 09, 2008

Couple of things

After receiving a gentle prodding that my blog was on 'life support' here's some updates ...

- Apologies for being away for so long. I was out of town for a week at the beach, which absolutely rocked. Not much luck fishing (in fact, all I caught was a clump of oysters), but lots of enjoyment relaxing and watching the kid scamper in sand. Upon return, I've been extremely busy with work which is, well, good since Daddy's gotta get paid.

- Since I've been away, Barack Obama finally clinched the Democratic nomination for president and that too absolutely rocks. I'm not sure who he settles on for vice president, and most indications are that he'll probably wait a bit before making a decision. From what I can gather the most frequently heard names include Hillary Clinton (obviously), Jim Webb, Kathrine Sebelius, Joe Biden and Sam Nunn. While I understand the electoral appeal behind tabbing Clinton, I'd lean toward Webb and Nunn.

- Also while gone, Georgia clinched its third berth in the College World Series in six years, and Sunday's ridiculous bashing of North Carolina State was fun to watch (particularly Gordan Beckham's blast in the seventh inning). Then again, drawing No. 1 Miami for your first game isn't the best way to kick off the NCAA Championship.

- Understandably, I think Gene Baldwin puts forward a silly argument. I mean, for starters Athens-Clarke County commissions would have to be forcibly taking over private industry in order to really be pushing a socialist agenda. I didn't realize allocating what is, in actuality, a very small portion of the budget toward establishing an affordable housing trust fund and expanding bus service meant we were marching toward a Leninist state.

- Granted, I'm frustrated with Bruno Rubio dragging his feet with regard to developing the old Cofer's property, but I think this editorial goes a bit too far. I don't think the local government should be in the business of defining the intent of what a particular property owner wants to do with his or her land. In actuality, if Rubio just wants to sit on that piece of property and do nothing for the next 30 years, he's entitled to do so ... and if then he'd like to build La Puerto del Sol, he should be entitled to do that too (barring drastic land use changes along that corridor).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"In actuality, if Rubio just wants to sit on that piece of property and do nothing for the next 30 years, he's entitled to do so"

Actually, he's not. The PD lasts 2 yrs and has to be renewed by affirmative action of the Commission. I doubt he'll get an additional 2 years if he doesn't complete it soon.

The ABH's suggestion, though, was pretty stupid.

9:43 PM  
Blogger Xon said...

Well, I think JMac was just letting his inner-libertarian out when he said that. Certainly, if you're going to get "technical," then the current state of law in most municipalities and cities is such that city councils put all kinds of restrictions and timetables on people's property. That is true de facto, but I think JMac was just trying on a different political hat for a minute and acknowledging that, de jure (by rights), people really OUGHT to be allowed to do whatever they want with their own justly-acquired property (without harming someone else's property, etc.)

10:07 AM  
Blogger Jmac said...

I don't know if it's my inner libertarian, but I do think that if Rubio acquired a piece of property, went through the process of having its zoning changed to the appropriate status, that, in theory, he ought to be able to sit on said property (as long as he pays his taxes and doesn't do anything on said property that is contrary to the approved re-zoning).

I do understand, as Xon notes, your point anon 9:43, which is that he has to undergo this process every two years. I was speaking in philosophical terms. Perhaps I should have been more clear.

1:21 PM  

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