Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Time to go

Well, it ain't good to be the Clarke County Board of Education in light of this damning resignation letter from James Simms. Among other things, he accuses the BOE of three specific instances of unethical behavior, including an unnamed board member contacting a principal at one school and pushing them to move school resources into the support of a non-school, community event.

While all three accusations are bad, this example is particularly unseemly since it potentially involves misuse of public funds. In fact, I think Simms should have named names, though I understand that he's trying to effectively blackmail them into letting him get his job back.

This school board is ineffectual and dysfunctional, and it's time of value to the community has long passed. I've called for it before, but it's time for some worthy and passionate citizens of this community to step up and hold them accountable through a engaged debate.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And now, evidently, nobody wants to talk...

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