Friday, July 25, 2008

Silly political attacks

Here's a weird, non-issue that Vernon Jones is trying to use as an attack against Jim Martin ... he's accusing Martin of not wanting Barack Obama to be president by voting against him in the primary.

Martin, according to a press statement posted in the comments, acknowledges he supported John Edwards. Now, it's silly - and a fundamental misunderstanding of how the political process works on Jones's part - to blast an opponent for backing a fellow member of his own party in a primary, suggesting it was a nefarious plot to keep Obama from being president or that Martin doesn't support Obama now. Anyone who's ever voted in a primary election has more than once had their first candidate lose (it's happened to me in every presidential election that I could cast a ballot in except 2000 and this year), only to support the party nominee.

Now, what I will say, if Martin is acknowledging he voted for Edwards ... why did he do so since Edwards had announced he had withdrawn from the race prior to Georgia's Presidential Preference Primary? Perhaps he voted absentee?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Particularly silly considering that Jones has bragged that he voted for George W. Bush twice!

11:16 PM  

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