Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Right down the road

Though it will arguably make the tailgating efforts a little more tricky, ESPN Gameday in the Myers Quad is pretty awesome, and it should offer a unique perspective too.

The analogy that I like to offer is that before ESPN earned the rights to cover the first two days of The Masters, they had to find places off the grounds of the Augusta National Golf Club to do their shows and their shoots. Typically, they wound up at Augusta Country Club, which literally backs right up into Amen Corner.

The first year, however, they rented a house at the corner of Magnolia Drive and Washington Road - three houses down from my grandmother's place - and did live shots from the front yard overlooking the scene outside the gates, which was pretty cool and gave folks the opportunity to gather around and watch the telecasts.

Coupled with another blackout, this should rock.


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