Friday, October 03, 2008

A cow patty, it ain't

Blake has Paul Broun's letter, and to say it's gibberish and nonsensical is to suggest that Sarah Palin has a Ph.D. in physics ...

The United States is now a year into one of the biggest economic crises of its history. All over the news and radio the talking-heads are ‘explaining’ what caused the problem. Too much regulation! Too little regulation! Republican policies! Democrat policies!

Historians and economists will be debating possible causes of this crisis for decades, but the American people need help now. The final bailout bill has a lot of raisins in it, but it’s not a cookie.

I refuse to vote for a plan just because Secretary Paulson and President Bush say so. America currently has trillions of dollars of debt and Congress needs to explore every single possibility before even considering using $700 billion of taxpayer money.

The Bible, God’s holy word, says in Psalms 30:5, ‘weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.’ The first thing we must do is recognize that this crisis will not last forever.

I don't really get it. Broun acknowledges that we must act now, but then does nothing?

And we're using cookie analogies now rather than animal feces?


Blogger Christopher T. Anderson said...

So, because this crisis will "not last forever," we should do nothing? Or is it because some are debating the root cause of this crisis that we should do nothing?

Perhaps Mr. Broun would do well to read some American history instead of Psalms when looking for guidance at governing our nation in this time of fiscal crisis. Inattention to credit market collapses bring on unecessary damage. Our insistence on letting market forces act allowed a crisis in market confidence to devolve into the Great Depression. I would hope there are lessons to be learned there.

Broun can then return to the Bible when governing his own actions.

FWIW, the following verse is "And in my prosperity I said, I shall never be moved."

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