Thursday, October 02, 2008

Don't smile

Following up a little bit on the nonsensical John Oxendine release, this alarmist suggestion caught me eye ...

I call upon the governor to have the Georgia State Patrol, on a rotating schedule, integrate their regular patrol duties at gas stations to both keep the peace and enforce common sense.

Georgia, in particular Atlanta, is on the national news every day. There was a media report on one national network where an out of state driver pulled up to a station, broke in line, and filled up both his truck and his boat. When approached by Georgia residents, he refused to stop and gloated he was going to the lake for some fun.

This is a security threat how? Apparently nothing happened. Are we going to ship off state troopers who are needed to patrol our highways to prevent people from gloating?

Why doesn't Oxendine just suspend his campaign to personally address this matter?


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