Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Robinson on the race

If you'd like an update on District Six in Athens-Clarke County, let's hear it straight from the candidates as Ed Robinson posted this comment ...

I've been walking neighborhoods and holding coffees. So far I've walked Idelwylde, Great Oak, Swanson, Holiday Estates and River Cliffe and held coffees in Deerfield and Hanover, Kinney Ridge and Holday Estates. We're walking three more neighborhoods (we're getting volunteers involved now too) between now and the first debate which - Get This - is scheduled on Yom Kippur. That's right, I will have a headache and have fasted for a day before I have to make sense on the radio in a live debate. But, the choice was that or else give Red an open mike.

The first of the campaigns endorsements was released today from Jane Kidd. Others will be following shortly including one from someone you can probably guess.

We'll be walking your neighborhood pretty soon. If anyone wants to get involved, check out


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