Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Faith and fear

This video is one of the more chilling displays from the Religious Right I've seen in quite a while. I honestly was very disturbed watching it.

As I see it, someone who adheres to a deeply conservative Christian worldview probably does have many reasons to oppose Obama based on abortion, gay rights, etc., so it's not shocking someone like this woman wouldn't back him if she values those issues at the top. Of course, there's no indication that she does. Instead, it's just a terrifyingly ill-informed, pre-determined decision to go with John McCain, come hell or high water, based on personal fears.

She quite simply says that she can't support someone named 'Obama' and says his faith isn't the same as her faith regardless of what he's said or what he's done. It's as simple as that, and her arrogance and condescending disapproval of her husband's struggle with the decision reveals a lot.

Faith should have a legitimate role in our public discourse and, yes, in how some folks evaluate their electoral decisions. But this type of illogical fearmongering is staggering to me.


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