Friday, October 10, 2008

Georgia polls

An Insider Advantage poll has John McCain up only 49-46 over Barack Obama in Georgia, which I take to be an outlyer. Again, sure I'd love to see a huge upset here, but it's a big longshot.

For starters, I still don't think Obama's winning North Carolina, and he'll win there before he wins here. Regardless, the electoral map is still very favorable to Obama as he holds comfortable leads in enough states to give him 271 'base' electoral votes. And, if you review that list, the only one I'd be concerned about him losing would be Virginia.

That would put Obama at 258 in solid electoral votes, and that's without Florida or Ohio. Plus, Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada are off that table. Out of those six states, he stands a very, very good chance to win at least two of them, which would get him to 270.


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