Friday, October 10, 2008

Last night's debate

A reader's observation on the local races and the debate last night ...

(Mike) Hamby did great – he didn’t need to field those questions, but everyone appreciates his participation, and his comments about Elton (Dodson). He will be great commissioner, and I am really glad to have him behind the rail.

Ed (Robinson) and Red (Petrovs), honestly, Ed did a lot better than I expected. He was focused and direct, and sounded really confident. It was a tough format to really separate yourself from your opponent given the one minute answers and no rebuttal ... I’m curious what they will do to try and differentiate from each other over the next few weeks. Other than delivery style, I didn’t hear a clear distinction between the two. I mean, yes, we all want economic development. Ed seemed to talk a little more about environment and Red talked a little more about education.

Anyone else there last night with observations on any of the debates?


Blogger Adrian said...

Are there any recordings? I missed it.

11:56 PM  

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