Friday, October 24, 2008

Partnership two-step

Speaking of regional cooperation, the first signs of trouble for the proposed economic development partnership between Athens-Clarke County and Oconee County ... and this is just the beginning.

They're valid concerns from Athens-Clarke County commissioners, namely why should one county pay significantly more but receive equal representation. Of course, the part of a partnership is to ensure equal representation from all parties, which is why I'd favor less financial investment from Athens-Clarke County.

It's not the ideal solution by any means, but I believe each county needs to have an equal say. Likewise, each county needs to be able to invest its resources into the mix, and it's not fair for one community to contribute the bulk of funding but have minimal say in how those resources are allocated.


Blogger Brian said...

Commissioner Lynn is not correct in this regard. The initial recommendation to establish this organization -- which has been explained to each commissioner in both counties -- is for the counties to first commit their existing resources to the effort. This is approximately $220,000 for each county which yields an equal split with equal representation; the private sector would be responsible for an additional $220,000 which is not currently being raised or utilized.

As currently envisioned, once the board is set up, it would drive the policy forward and develop future funding strategies. Many other regional economic development organizations do use a per capita method, but it is by no means set in stone.

As someone who served on the committee, I can state unequivocally that the initial recommendation is absolutely equal funding=equal representation from Clarke and Oconee.

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