Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ah, memories

As a former resident of Athens-Clarke County's District Six, let me address some of Wally Eberhard's concerns, namely this passage ...

But a serious look at the district reveals problems and shortcomings. There is no safe public park (Anyone for a picnic at Ben Burton? Right.) There are no walking or bike trails. There are no ball diamonds for Little League or adult play. There is no community center or programs for citizens out this way. There's no branch library. The fire station is small and outmoded, though the firefighters are first class. We've never had a community meeting or districtwide attempt at two-way communication on our needs. I have heard of no plans to upgrade our civic amenities. What do you two propose to do about all this?

I just don't think much of this is accurate and, of what is, I doubt the feasibility of some of it. For starters, it begins with the premise that every district is due a park or baseball field or branch library. For a variety of reasons, these suggestions are economically viable. Let's take the library, why should there be a branch library located in District Six when the main library is just 10 minute drive from the district?

Let's take the fire station, while it's in need of some upkeep, it's still a serviceable and functional station, is it not? And, in case additional support is needed, there is a new station on Oglethorpe Street which can provide assistance.

I can concede Ben Burton Park's safety concerns, but it's still park that lies within the district lines and it's come a long way from where it used to be. It's still a strong resource that, with some increased investment, can be a great destination for families.

The community wide meetings? Well, why doesn't Eberhard get working on that (though, to be fair, I can't think of many districts which actually do this sort of thing)? The job of the commissioners is to be open and accessible, and I always found Carl Jordan willing to take my questions or concerns during my time there.


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Ditto on the ball fields. Bishop Park is barely not in district 6.

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