Thursday, October 30, 2008

SoS insanity

Some national coverage of Karen Handel's refusal to keep early voting sites in Georgia open past 5 p.m., despite the fact that Florida, and its Republican governor, did just that.

Handel already ranks at the top of my list of least favorite and most inept elected officials, so I really shouldn't be stunned by this development. I've never understood why the early voting periods are open only during the standard work day and not extended to 7 p.m. to permit for folks getting off work. This extension, following the precedent of Florida, would have made sense ... particularly given the long lines facing voters throughout the state.

We're not talking about illegally voting, but rather making it more accessible for registered voters to vote. And Handel thinks this is some sort of conspiracy orchestrated by Democrats?


Blogger Adaline said...

You know, there are actually some counties in Georgia that are open past 5pm for early voting - or at least there were when I used to work in the SOS office. We regularly encouraged counties to do so - and several of the Atlanta counties did. Not only did they stay open late, but they also opened multiple precincts for early voting (which I think they still do).

I would not normally stick up for Handel, but I will say that DOJ is not an easy one to work with - not familiar with the NC situation, but GA has regularly had difficulties with getting a timely response from DOJ, as have most states.

Fortunately, I am enjoying this situation from afar, so not up on all the details...

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