Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bell's new gig

Sarah Bell is preparing to launch a new project in Oconee County that is, apparently, going to be some sort of online news source.

Bell, you may recall, came within 100 votes of knocking off Melvin Davis in the Republican primary for the Oconee County Commission Chairman spot.


Blogger Christopher T. Anderson said...

The "Real Oconee News?" It is a good thing when someone wants to put up their point of view to counter another. It bugs me, however, when they want to portray theirs as the "real" view.

Entities that claim to be "the real ..." or "the one true ..." are to be viewed with much suspicion, IMHO. This thinking was apparent in Ms. Bell's campaign. Well a welcomed counterpoint to Davis, her strong position against beer and wine was but one example of how she is willing and desires to impose her one true vision on freedom of choice.

9:48 AM  

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