Friday, October 24, 2008


Can someone with a better legal background than, well, me, point to an example of one county forcibly annexing a portion of another county? Preferably in Georgia?

Not that I doubt that such attempts haven't taken place or aren't possible, but I'd like to see some past examples.


Blogger Oconee Democrat said...

I must have missed out on this news item, to what do you refer?

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Blogger Reverend said...

Oh, as a BTW, the last comment I left was to let you know I will happily write you a much more detailed explanation of what I see happening regionally and how annexation (or a fight over it) is the worst, ultimate outcome of regional development over the next 20 to 50 years. My point is - "lets avoid this fate", not, "we're gonna get you if you don't do as we ask". In the cold war there were many carrots and sticks, but the ultimate stick both sides held was M.A.D. - an outcome nobody wanted. If you want to post that last brief comment, you can, but I can also provide you much more detail in an e-mail, which, by the way, I don't have for you. My direct e-mail is, send me yours to expedite Q&A on issues.

Also, I will happily give you a very detailed explanation of how a zero emissions plan will significantly reduce recurring revenue costs for the city. Maybe this will pacify your reader Paveplanet. The original plan I had was too detailed to print on a mailing and it put people to sleep at coffees. It involves numerous capital improvements to reduce general revenue costs over the long term. As any decent business owner will tell you, once you have cut the fat, the only way to lower costs is either cut service or use amortized capital expenditures to lower your costs (i.e. Technology increases productivity and efficiency). There were a whole host of items which I had targeted including modifying the depreciation schedule of the vehicle fleet so we can speed up vehicle replacements with LEVs and hybrids, immediate installation of solar water heaters on all ACC buildings through loans from the utilities department savings accounts which can be repaid more quickly than they are needed because solar-water heaters return savings much faster than the depreciation schedule that draws on the water departments accounts. talking about this stuff in detail turns the lights out in most peoples faces, but Dan Everett helped me come up with the simple on-line way of expressing this very real budgetting item - a zero emissions government. And, as you know if you have checked my website, I have quite a few other specific ways of lowering costs on the website, which are likewise bare bones of a very detailed plan.

Anyway, you don't need to post this if you want. But please DO use my e-mail if you have questions or concerns about things. I am trying hard to make sure everyone feels they can write or call me and that should include you.

And, as for zero emissions. My company is moving to Baxter over the next two months and when we do WE TOO will be selling our big gas van and moving to LEVs, not because it is green, but because we will save about $600 a month by doing so! And, both the new laundry and the one we are constructing in the Iroon Triangle will have Solar Water Heaters, again, not because it is environmentally friendly, but because after 3 years, the things pay for themselves in a laundry and then all of your water heating is FREE.

Anyway, don't be distant. You've got my e-mail. if something sounds strange or stupid, please feel free to contact me directly. I will happily answer you and it saves me the puzzelment of being thought insane because of what someone else wrote.

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