Friday, October 24, 2008

Almost unbelievable

Insider Advantage gives Barack Obama slim lead over John McCain ... in Georgia.

Granted, they've been an outlyer of sorts, but other polls indicate a tightening in the race here. I'm not sure what to attribute this to outside of an increasingly level of comfort among swing voters and disaffected Republicans.

A hyper-local, non-reliable example would be my family. My grandmother, a die-hard Hillary Clinton supporter, has repeatedly said she wouldn't vote for either Obama or McCain (despite the requests of my mother and I). In the past week, however, she managed to talk someone in her Sunday School class into voting for Obama, and now she concedes she's likely to vote for him.

A more extreme case comes from my father, who leans conservative at the national level and was a big fan of McCain up until this election. He has repeatedly said the Sarah Palin pick 'offended' him and that he just wouldn't vote. But, again, in the past week, he's shown signs of growing comfortable with an Obama presidency and is considering casting his ballot for him.

Again, neither example is scientific by any means, but it's likely similar realizations are occuring among other undecided voters with waivering allegiances.


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