Monday, October 27, 2008


Here's everything wrong with today's Republican Party, and a large reason why traditionally conservative folks like my father and uncle are so upset with politics today ...

Everyone's distracted by economic news, (Tony) Hale said, and voters who are used to making decisions based on their values are no different.

"For most people right now, it's about the economy," said Jason Spinx, who was one of about 50 attending the rally. "People are distracted right now. ... It's a dangerous time."

It is nothing less than insulting and patronizing to label the economic hardships that folks are going through as 'distractions.' It's insulting to merely classify them as 'distractions' and fail to recognize that things like economic policy also are value-based issues for many people. It's insulting to the people who hold issues like abortion as key issues and call their viable concerns over the economy as 'distractions.'

It's a realization that while many of their base may adhere to a more conservative social issues worldview, they also line up center-left on many economic issues (which is why Mike Huckabee was the Republican candidate I was most concerned about ... followed by John McCain).


Blogger Polusplagchnos said...

Most concerned about because he stood to be good competition against a Demcratic candidate, or most concerned about because he endorses an economic stance that you don't agree with?

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