Friday, November 07, 2008

Budget crisis

It's not listed online at The Oconee Enterprise's web site, but there's a story that addresses the pressing budget crisis facing the Oconee County Board of Education. One would think such an article would be sure to note that more than $100,000 is tied up by paying a salary to a superintendent who doesn't actually do anything ... one who received positive job evaulations and was rewarded with a contract extension only to be forced to resign for 'philosophical reasons' just a few weeks later.

Surely such mismanagement by the BOE would be noted when examining the shortfall, right?

Not so much.


Blogger Oconee Democrat said...

Read Lee Becker's point by point dissection of Miss Vinnie's misreporting of the dead man's curve on Daniells Bridge Road in his blog Oconee County Observations complete with a .pdf file and sticky notes. Now you are an official Oconee County resident having become enraged with the Surprise like all the rest of us. You would have been happy with the crowd at the Oconee Dems meeting last night and bring the family to Becky's house next month. Go to Oglethorpe County tomorrow if you can for the noontime parade in Crawford.

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