Sunday, November 02, 2008

The real reality check

Well, a 49-10 loss to one of your most detested rivals is never a good way to spend a Saturday, but here are some observations ...

- Florida was the better team. Period. And for everyone's who's got raised eyebrows, remember they also rang up 51 on LSU and 63 on a Kentucky team that has one of the SEC's better defenses. The Gators are legit, and they deserve a showdown with Alabama to see who's best.

- That said, Jeff Schultz is off-base when he says this was a 'reality check' or when he says Georgia's players are 'delusional' for saying it was closer than it looked. Truth be told, it was closer. Georgia missed two chip shot field goals in the first half, tried a stupid onsides kick that backfired big-time and missed a wide open receiver in the end zone. The Bulldogs gained more yards than the vaunted Florida offense, and the Gators' first two touchdowns of the second half were direct results of blatant penalties missed by the officials. Those two scores broke Georgia's will, and Florida rolled after that.

- I haven't had a good feeling about this team for a while now, and that apprehension was based purely on the mounting injuries to key personnel. Before the first game was over, the Bulldogs had lost their top offensive lineman and top defensive lineman. They've played without their best defensive end until recently, and Georgia's lacked its best middle linebacker until this past week. The Bulldogs have three tight ends right now, and all of them are playing through injuries due to a lack of depth. The Bulldogs have been playing over their head for a while now, and that's a testament to the coaching staff. Realistically speaking, if you remove the preseason expectations and any fan biases you may have, you'd be amazed a team like that was 7-2 and ranked No. 14 in the country.

- If we're discussing primary concerns, mine is that the team showed a surprisingly lack of fire. Florida got that everything was on the line yesterday, and that they had a score to settle. It was Georgia's responsibiity to respond by saying 'score ... what score, you've been doing to this us for years now, and we're not taking it anymore.' There was none of that, but rather a pre-Richt era feeling of fear when seeing that orange and blue. That was the most disappointing thing to watch, particularly toward the end as the game got out of hand.

- The timeouts? Eh. So Urban Meyer's a punk. We all knew that. More power to him for letting their fans enjoy the moment. I hope we get to return the favor next year.


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