Monday, November 17, 2008

Vs. Broun in 2010?

An interesting post suggesting Alan Powell should challenge Paul Broun, and I think he'd be a strong candidate. He's got a great following in Northeast Georgia, could raise a decent amount of money and wouldn't shy away from confronting Broun head on.

I doubt he runs, though. If he was going to seek the 10th Congressional District seat, I would have envisioned him doing so during last year's special election where his name recognition could have aided him. I'm not sure what Democrats will be gearing up to run for this one.

It's been rumored that Bobby Saxon will give it another go in 2010, and I wouldn't put it past Terry Holley to think about it again. Saxon came close to hitting 40 percent without any sort of financial footing to stand, and that's a testament to his grassroots-oriented campaigning.

I'm torn on whether or not he should run again. I still think he's a strong candidate, but unless he - or any Democratic challenger - can raise $500,000 or more, I find it hard to believe that 40 percent can be topped in this deeply red district. Granted, given Broun's latest comments regarding Barack Obama, I wouldn't be stunned to see more national attention for this race two years from, but I don't know if that'll be enough to knock off the congressman.

Saxon would do well in a race for one of the State House or State Senate seats available to him. His aggressive campaigning can pay huge dividends in a smaller geographic area, and he's got enough centrist credibility to pull swing voters over (plus he earned good name recognition in these parts with his congressional bid).

I do think, though, that we'll see another Republican primary challenge. I didn't used to think that, but after his latest comments - and the subsequent distancing of some prominent statewide Republicans - that such a challenge might occur.


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