Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Football blogging

There is literally too much news breaking ...

The Birmingham News says Tommy Tuberville has been fired at Auburn, which is puzzling to me. I figured they'd give the guy another year.

Thus begins one of the most insane coaching hunts, largely because Bobby Petrino - who Auburn tried to hire a few years back - is at the top of the list. That would make sense considering Petrino goes through coaching jobs like Klenex. The other two names are Mike Leach from Texas Tech - though PWD says that ain't happening - and Paul Johnson from Georgia Tech. For the life of me, I wouldn't be able to figure the latter one out if he did leave, but I would relish it for the sheer amount of blissful agony it would bring to the Yellow Jackets.

For Tuberville, rumors are flying that he'll end up as defensive coordinator at Georgia (unlikely ... though he and Mark Richt are close friends), but I think he'll wind up with a head coaching job somewhere. Two schools which just recommitted to their coaches - Clemson and Notre Dame - surely are kicking themselves now.


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