Friday, December 19, 2008

A moment of clarity

Granted, I'm not sure how I feel about mandatory recycling programs, but the general aversion that so many folks have to the suggestion that they simply sort their plastics and paper products away from their trash absolutely floors me.

Here in Oconee County, you get to choose your waste disposal company, which means our little cul-de-sac has four or five trucks coming through to service four or five houses during various days of the week. Our neighborhood association decided to wise up, and it collectively bargained with one of the haulers to set up a rate just for us and where they come pick up one day.

This, both The Wife and I thought, was a very smart move on our neighborhood's part (cheaper service and fewer trucks rumbling through our streets). Yet, when the lady showed up at our door to tell us who had the lowest bid and what we needed to do, and we asked what their policy was on recycling, she stared at us like we were from another planet (and, mind you, by 'policy' we meant 'can we get two bins?').

The Wife said 'well, we're big recyclers' and the lady - a sweet woman in her own right - replied 'I've never thought to do that, it just seems so hard.'

Hence where I go with this recycling thing ... we're talking about getting two bins - one for paper and one for glass/plastics/alumninum cans - and tossing said items into those bins rather than simply dropping them into trash. It ain't rocket science. It ain't hard. Yet, people seem to think the mere recommendation that you recycle is tantamount to imposing martial law (and try to use segments on comedy shows hosted by magicians as a reason to attack the very practice of recycling).


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