Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Unleash the inner fury

I like it when Kyle at Dawg Sports gets worked up, and his ridiculing of a, well, ridiculous knock on Georgia is priceless. College Football Resource ranks the Dogs fifth, but only ranks Mark Richt as the 'third-best coach in the SEC' and takes some shots and how 'predictable' the offensive schemes are ... along with the absurd claim that Georgia's backfield of Kregg Lumpkin, Thomas Brown and Danny Ware isn't that impressive.

Says Kyle in response:

Buck Belue threw 12 touchdown passes in his senior year, but the Bulldogs were 27-3 in the games he started. If you'd rather have Heisman Trophy winner Paul Hornung directing your offense, you deserve to go 2-8 . . . as Notre Dame did in the year Hornung took home what was already college football's most overrated award.

Kyle holds back on CFB's portion of black bean soup because they don't like the play-action pass.

It's a good read. Check it out.


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