Monday, June 25, 2007

Runoff debate info

There's going to be an Athens-area debate for the 10th Congressional District runoff ... sort of.

Both Paul Broun and Jim Whitehead have agreed to a debate moderated by Tim Bryant on Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. to be broadcast live on WGAU 1340-FM. As of now, I've heard from a few folks that it will be just Bryant and the candidates in the studio.

It's an interesting, and rather intimate, setting for a debate. Broun, as of late, has lobbied some pretty strong language at Whitehead, while the latter has dismissed many of the former's charges.

I've also heard from a few folks that Team Whitehead wouldn't agree to holding the debate, especially in Athens-Clarke County, in front of a live audience.

On a related note, Blake says the Oconee County GOP is asking for a do-over on its endorsement of Whitehead, and that Jay Hanley was 'overzealous' ... which was absurdly obvious based on Hanley's quotes in his story. Hanley's been over at Peach Pundit preaching the good word on Whitehead for weeks now and apparently spilled too many beans to the press.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, JMac, here's my shameless plug. I videotaped the debate ... After chopping it up, we will post it on our site ( at some point next week.

However, nobody came to blows, so sorry to disappoint the Dems out there looking for happiness after all in the 10th!


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