Monday, June 25, 2007

Couple of things

- It's partially insulting this column was even printed. Not only does it fall back on a faulty line of arguing - 'this one year wasn't really the hottest so all of your global warming data is wrong' - but it also uses a former TV meteorologist as its source of information.

- There's a good bit of irony involved in Clayton Kirk's letter, only he doesn't even know it.

- Here's my AthFest wrapup.

- This is absurd. Listen, Paul Broun is going to lose, and lose badly, to Jim Whitehead in July 17th's runoff. But Whitehead ain't gonna do anything in Oconee County where Broun rolled up 50 percent of the vote on the last go-around. So it's kinda ridiculous to say something like 'we just wanted to show it's not as pro-Broun as you think it is' ... if anything, you're using the organized party structure to openly challenge the GOP base voters in Oconee County. I also think Jay Hanley is gonna get a good talking-to by the rest of the folks out there for not only his odd statement against Broun, but also for outing the positions of Mike Maxey.

-I didn't even know folks ranked this kind of thing, but that's pretty cool. Appears that I'm tops in the Athens area, so thanks loyal readers.


Blogger Mike-El said...

Way too much childhood trauma induced by Guy Sharpe's borderline-hoax snow "forecasts" for me to take a TV weatherman's word about climate change. Countless, hopeful nights of ol' Guy with his sleeves rolled up, glasses down at the end of his nose, gravely warning "Folks...we're flat-out GONNA GET IT overnight. I mean, we're gonna get HAMMERED." And of course, it would be always be 64 snowless degrees the next morning.

A dear, lovely man though. A Georgia treasure.

7:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am thinking I am going to sit the run off out. I dont think I can bring myself to vote for an anti-mexican or pro-war candidate. I think Whitehead is the older of the two, so perhaps his age will catch up with him one way or another. Broun seems much more the human being, but why vote for someone like him anyway?

9:48 AM  
Blogger Xon said...

Steve, "anti-mexican?" Know something we don't?

10:56 AM  
Anonymous StoptheBS said...

You should know that most "grassroots" voters in Oconee consider Jay to be something of a carpetbagger. Paul Broun beat Whitehead about 3:1 in Oconee County, and nothing some party hacks do in some closet somewhere is going to change that. Given the wide margin, it is clear that local voters are not looking to the local "leadership" for "direction".

Paul Broun is going to beat Whitehead again in Oconee County. Maybe by not as large a margin, maybe by more. Regardless, the party "leadership" has evidenced a total disdain for the local electorate. Something that the "pundits" overlook is that Paul Broun has been around a long time, and that regardless of what you think about his politics, he is a genuinely nice guy with a lot of people who like him, which I'm not sure can be said about Whitehead.

Maybe there's enough difference in Broun and Whitehead, that Broun can smoke out Whitehead and make him take a stand on some issues.

12:01 PM  

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